Project design, construction supervision and engineering 03/09/2021 Bazancourt #ITHERM Conseil
Technical assistance on the COGECAB project.

Type of assignment 

Technical assistance on the COGECAB project, for which DALKIA is the appointed contractor under 2 contracts:

  • A standard design and build contract for the construction of the cogeneration plant
  • A management contract.

Project leader

About the subsidiary involved in the project

A few figures


Duration of the project

49,9 MW PCI

Thermal output power

12 MW

Electric power

€50 million

Total cost of the work

Description of the work

Drafting monthly and bimonthly progress reports:

  • Drafting the weekly activity report (internal to DALKIA)
  • Compiling and consolidating the operation’s general schedule with that of the appointed contractors. Monitoring the schedule.
  • Updating the schedule with milestone dates
  • Monitoring non-compliances using the BULDOZAIR software, and training
  • Attending the weekly site meeting and drafting the minutes.


The figures:

  • Supplying manufacturer CHAMTOR with 6 T/h of steam and 2.3 MW of hot water, only in the summer.
  • Supplying manufacturer FICAP with 4.5 T/h of steam for the production of black pellets, 7 MW of hot water and 7 MW of low temperature hot water.

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