Urban community of Pau Béarn Pyrénées

AMOA and Assistance to Contractualization 13/12/2021 #SERMET Sud Ouest
Assistance to the client in installing a surface solar power plant on the CAP ECOLOGIA site.

Type of assignment

Assistance to the client in installing a surface solar power plant on the CAP ECOLOGIA site.

The assignment aims to verify the assumptions factored in during the feasibility study and to assist the urban community in setting up the contract for installing a photovoltaic power plant (roughly 2,500 kWc) on the site of a former waste disposal site, then monitoring the contract during the works and in operation.

Project leader

About the subsidiary involved in the project

Description of the work

This assignment aims to repurpose the site of a former waste disposal site by installing solar panels. This work is part of a more comprehensive plan including the restructuring of the nearby wastewater treatment plant, comprising methane production equipment and above all methanation equipment (producing synthetic gas through electrolysis) requiring significant electrical power.


The assignment includes several aspects:

  • Verification of the 2017 feasibility study: continual advances in solar panel technology require a revision of power requirements and investments that improve over shorter time intervals (15% more producible power between 2017 and 2021 for the same surface area).
  • Analysis of possible management methods: CAPBP wishes to centre this contract on equipment performance and durability. The strengths and weaknesses analysis of the various contracts led to the launch of a Public Performance
  • Contract for this power plant (design, build and operate over the long term)
  • Assistance in all the closely related assignments: Environmental analysis, surveyor, geotechnical studies in a polluted environment, quality control office, Health & Safety Coordination, DREAL (regional directorate for the environment, planning and housing), etc.
  • Managing the interface with the wastewater treatment plant to guarantee collection of the plant, and the implications in the event of default
  • Assistance throughout the procedure: Writing the tender documents, negotiations, finalizing the contract;
  • Assistance during the works then during operation to guarantee the performance of the plant.

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