Our partners

MANERGY operates as part of a network of specialized professionals, institutions, associations and professional bodies, committed at our side to the energy and environmental transition.

A historic network of specialized partners

From a co-construction perspective, we have developed an enduring network of partners and experts to partner us on certain types of assignment:

  • Legal partners: our jurists and lawyers put in place a sound and protective legal framework designed to guarantee the viability of projects. They intervene from the invitation to tender phase to study the projects, carry out an exhaustive analysis of the legal risks and make contractual recommendations.
  • Financial partners: we use the services of recognized partners to be in a position to compare, negotiate and select the best financial terms for you.
  • Architect partners: these experts partner us with a view to proposing innovative solutions increasingly suited to users and the emerging needs of communities.

National associations, organizations and trade unions

We are also partners of community organizations and trade unions.

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